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From September 1st 2012, Byrchall High School became a converter Academy.


It is a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered at Companies House (Company 8175642).


An Academy is a publicly funded independent local school.

The Best Education

The Governors believe the allowed freedoms of changing to Academy status and the additional funding will enable the school to provide the best education.


An education that ensures the young people are fulfilled academically, socially and make a positive contribution to their community.


Article 12

The Members of the Academy Trust shall comprise:

  • up to 2 persons to be appointed by the Foundation; 

  • up to 2 persons to appointed by the Makerfield Community Trust; 

  • 1 person to be appointed by the Members, appointed under clause 12a and 12b; 

  • any person appointed under Article 15A

Board of Directors/Trustees (Article 46)

The Academy Trust shall have the following Trustees:

  • up to 2 Trustees appointed by the Members (Article 50)

  • up to 2 Trustees appointed by the Foundation (Article 50A)

  • up to 4 Trustees appointed by the Makerfield Community Trust (Article 50AA)

  • the 2 Principals of the Founding Schools

  • the CEO (Article 57)

  • a minimum of two Parent Trustees (elected or appointed under Articles 53-56). In the event that no Local Governing Bodies are established (Article 100A), or if no provision is made for at least two Parent Local Governors on each established Local Governing Body (Article 101A).

Article 47

The Academy Trust may also have up to 4 Co-opted Trustees appointed (Article 58)

Governance Structure:


Board of Directors/Trustees

Byrchall High School
Local Governing Board

Picture showing the pathway leading to Byrchall High School
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